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About Tess

Tess has over 15 years experience as a qualified psychologist and holds degrees in social science, psychology and Post Graduate qualifications in nutritionhypnosis, mediation and adult education. Tess practices Positive Psychology which is the scientific study of the factors that increase well-being and enhance life.

Tess helps to move people away from a focus on their problems and what is ‘not right’ in their world, towards their preferred more positive image of their lives. Tess assist her clients in becoming clear about their values and unique character strengths and helps them to use these to find meaning and purpose.

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Tess is also a published author having written the acclaimed book “Change Your Thinking Change Your World“.

Comprehensive Mental Health Model:

The Mental Health Model highlights three phases of mental health, which are overlaid with common organisational terms (Compliance, Risk Reduction and Best Practice). All organisations should have programs and strategies in place to ensure they are compliant and should consider additional programs and strategies to move into the pro-active phases of Prevention and Best Practice.

The ‘double ended arrow’ represents that individuals and organisations can, and do move from phase to phase. Evidence indicates that the absence of mental illness does not imply the presence of mental health, and the absence of mental health does not imply the presence of mental illness.

This program focuses on the first phase – Compliance. The other two programs in the series focus on the phases 2 and 3.

The Mental Health Model was adapted from the Two-Factor or Complete Mental Health Model, Corey L M Keyes, 2007

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