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Compliance training prices from $9 + GST per enrolment.

Please contact us for a proposal on 1300 208 944 or make an online enquiry.

We offer prices for individuals, as well as discounted prices for organisations purchasing for multiple employees.

Custom and tailored versions

All eCompliance Training online programs can be tailored or customised to suit the requirements of your organisation. Compliance training prices vary depending on the level of customisation.

  • Package 1: $990 + GST – includes a bespoke introduction with your organisation’s branding, imagery and links to internal policies and procedures
  • Package 2: $6,990 + GST– includes package 1, with the addition of tailored animated visual summary
  • Package 3: $29,990 + GST– includes package 1 and 2, with the addition of tailored ‘Real Play’ re-enactments

Bespoke: if your organisation requires something a little different, or you have something particular in mind, we can create almost anything! Call us for a conversation and tailored proposal.

eCompliance Training can provide access to various Learning Management Systems, should your organisation require help with this. Additional charges apply. Please contact us for further details on 1300 208 944 or make an online enquiry.

Contact us for compliance training prices

Please contact us on 1300 208 944 or make an online enquiry here.


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